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We paid for early delivery and when we called FedEx the aid they have not even received the package on the day that it was supposed to be delivered what kind of incompetent *** take yourmoney for early delivery then put forth no effort to make it happen

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Cheap purchase price. At $130 the twin bed support with two drawers was too much to pass up. Gawd, I wish I had. --- Cheap materials. The pressboard is cheap even by pressboard standards. If you miss-screwed once that was it. There was no second chance The screw holes rounded out like the board was made from shredded balsa. ---- Instructions? Forget it! Few pictures and no written directions. I know I am going to have to get my... Read more

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I bought the 70" tv stand and when received 2 weeks later 4 pieces were broken,called customer service and the person on the phone sounds like they hate their job and despise customers,replacements sent a week later and 3 piece were good but the 4th had a big deep slash on it like someone slammed it on a lug nut and dragged it on it,this was not due to shipping cause package was ok and not damages and their package look like a 10 year old packed... Read more

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I purchased an Ameriwood TV stand from Walmart website. The item was delivered with broken pieces. I contacted Walmart was referred to Ameriwood. Customer service was almost impossible to reach (waited for 30 mins). Also emailed Ameriwood for replacement parts.Customer service finally contacted me via voicemail saying replacement parts are out of stock and will not be available till fist week of March 2016. Mind you, I placed my order in Jan.... Read more

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NOTHING matched up! missing 7 brackets, the center back panel. it was the biggest waste of money I have ever spent! It looks horrible because the wood panels and edging does not match at all! It was the hardest furniture piece I have ever assembled. Not only did I have to go buy brackets for it but the Ameriwood assistant acted like she didn't give a rats *** if I had the parts or not. I will NEVER buy another Ameriwood product. I will stay with... Read more

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I bought the cabinet with storage bins. I do not profanity, but trying to put this system together almost took me there. This is the worst piece of *** I have EVER bought! EVER!!!!!! The "cams" do not fit. When I thought that I had them together they came apart. It doesn't work. I take pride in putting things together. This had me in tears!!! The cams fell out of the holes numerous times. I will take the loss and go but another cabinet by... Read more

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Bought a 3-shelf bookcase at Walmart. No missing parts and it went together just fine (although one locking cam seated too deeply in its hole and needed some prying to get it to connect with its pin). There was some slight damage to the corners of a couple of shelves. Fortunately I had some Contac paper that's a close match so I was able to patch/ disguise them pretty well. For $18 it was a good buy. Read more

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I ordered an end table and coffee table I am still waiting for the parts (connectors) I called about for end table...I took the coffee table out of the box and part H a main part is broke off at one end....I put out all this money and have no furniture...I will contact the better business bureau unless you send me the part H for the coffee table number 3597319PCOM and 14 connectors I called about for the matching end table...... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Dec 18, 2015
  • #754120

*** poor company if you ever want to talk to a person. They do NOT answer the phones.

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 19, 2015
  • #719676

Bad customer service! Wait! Let me rephrase that, there is no customer service. I have been trying to call them for the last 4 hrs, nothing. I've been getting a recording telling me their business hours.

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